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Selecting the right foundation for your skin type can be a challenge – pick the wrong one and you could end up with a cakey, dry finish, or a shiny and patchy face. And the wrong primer could mean your foundation is sliding off by lunchtime!

With this in mind, Quoi has a range of luxury foundations and bases with different finishes to ensure you’re always looking your most radiant, no matter what your skin type. They’re also all infused with vitamins, minerals and peptides to nourish your skin, so you can say hello to a glowing, flawless complexion.

woman skin dry

Dry Skin

Primer: The Quoi Retexture Creme Face Primer will give you a smooth base by hydrating, plumping and soothing the skin with Gingko extract, Aloe Gel and Chamomile Extract. Use this after your moisturiser has absorbed as the perfect base for dry skin.

Foundation: Try a sheer foundation such as Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint or use the Quoi BB Cream, which both contain a multi-mineral complex to condition skin and provide antioxidant protection. BB Cream can also be mixed with your daily moisturiser to wear as a tinted moisturiser, which is ideal for skins needing extra nourishment. For very dry skin that has rough texture or is flaky, or skin that suffers from psoriasis or eczema, applying a cream or liquid foundation can make the skin appear worse. In this instance, it is best to use a dry product. Apply the Quoi Mineral Powder Foundation with a powder sponge, pressing product into the skin, then use a soft small makeup brush to apply product around the eyes and lids.

woman skin oily

Oily Skin

Primer: The Quoi Retexturising Face Primer is a non-greasy mattifying gel that smooths the skin and controls oily areas, making it an ideal base for oily skin. It’s lightweight and conditions the skin with vitamins and antioxidants, and as a bonus contains SPF20 sun protection.

Foundation: The Quoi Liquid to Powder Foundation is a mineral foundation with a matte formulation, which is perfect for controlling the look of oily skin. If you’re after a lighter coverage, the Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint will give you a natural looking, sheer finish without the shine. You can then finish the look with the Quoi Mineral Powder Foundation to set, or even use it alone as a light coverage.

Mature Skin

Primer: The Quoi Smoothing Face Primer is ideal for those concerned with aging, as it smooths the skin by instantly filling lines and wrinkles, while advanced peptides and collagen spheres help to nourish skin and provide a subtle, soft-focus appearance.

Foundation: Our skin gets drier as we age, so it’s best to avoid mattifying and powder finish foundations. The Quoi CC Cream Foundation is great for mature skin, as it contains colour correcting pigments, which is great for balancing and brightening skin tones, as well as nourishing ingredients for the skin. The medium coverage ensures a smooth, perfected finish with a glow. For a less intense coverage, try the Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation, which will give a soft luminosity to your skin. Use this in conjunction with the Quoi Photo Touch Concealer to camouflage any dark circles, blemishes or fine lines with its light-reflective minerals.


Primer: The Quoi Retexturising Face Primer will work well with acne, as it is a non-greasy mattifying gel, which will help to control your oily areas. This lightweight serum will condition the skin as well as neutralising imperfections.

Foundation: For a sheer coverage, try the Quoi CC Cream as a base then use a little of the Quoi Colour Corrective pens. Use the green pen to cover very red areas and the yellow pen to highlight areas of the face such as under the eyes, chin and cheekbones. The Quoi Liquid Concealer has intense coverage, so use a small brush or fingertip to cover any blemishes and blend at the sides. Applying concealer minimally only where you need it avoids that “caked-on” look, and having areas too built up with product. If you do want an all-over heavier coverage, the Quoi BB Cream followed by the Quoi Liquid Concealer will give a polished look. Using the colour corrective pens before applying foundation will help to reduce redness.

Good Skin

Primer: Lucky enough to have fabulous skin already? The Quoi Retexturising Primer is a lightweight serum which will help to protect and condition your skin with Vitamins A, C & E. These antioxidants will protect your cells from free radical damage, all while giving your foundation a fault-free base.

Foundation: If your skin is looking good and you just want to even out your skin tone, the Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint is perfect for a sheer coverage, available in both a glowing finish and a matte version. Apply with a feathery makeup brush and blend, then add the Quoi Photo Touch Concealer or Quoi Yellow Colour Corrector Pen under the eyes, lightly on and around the nose and on the chin to give a flawless look.