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Woman closeup of face makeup affecting skin

In today’s world, we’re becoming increasingly aware of what we eat, and more recently of the ingredients in our skincare. You may be using a skincare brand with nourishing skin-friendly ingredients and no harsh chemicals, but what about the makeup you put on top of it? After all, it’s technically another layer of skin product.

With so many brands popping up we tend to go for makeup products based on their fancy packaging, exciting new colours and occasionally with a celeb or blogger recommendation at the back of our mind. But do we know what’s really in it, and if it might be harming our skin?

image of brush powder with text parabens talc mineral oil

Here are some potentially harmful ingredients to look out for and avoid in your makeup if you want to be on the safe side:

Parabens are a type of preservative, used to prolong shelf life by preventing the growth of bacteria. Studies have linked parabens (which mimic estrogen) to breast cancer, skin cancer and a number of other issues, however they haven’t yet been proven to be “harmful”. But if you’d rather play it safe, look for paraben-free foundations, you’ll want to avoid listed ingredients such as butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben. All Quoi foundations are paraben-free!

Talc as a cosmetic ingredient is a grey area, with talcum powder having been linked to cancer in the past few years, but with nothing yet proven. Talc is a natural mineral mined from the earth, and a recent investigative report showed that asbestos deposits have also been found running through talc deposits, with a large company knowing about this since the 1970’s – leading to various lawsuit cases. Whilst it isn’t certain, there are plenty of talc-free cosmetic options available now if you want to avoid this potentially harmful ingredient.

Mineral oil not to be confused with mineral makeup, is an odourless oil derived from petroleum, which has been used as a popular cheap moisturizer for years. Mineral oil does not benefit the skin, and some scientists have expressed concern about mineral oils being a source of contamination in the body, that could affect our health. Whilst this isn’t proven, mineral oil has been shown to clog pores and increase the risk of acne on some people due to the barrier effect it has on the skin. Another one to avoid if you don’t want to take the risks!

Our favourite paraben-free, talc-free and mineral-oil-free makeup products from Quoi Makeup

Quoi Rio De Janeiro Bronzing Powder – $79.00

This silky, mineral-enriched bronzer will have you looking youthful, awake and glowing in seconds. It’s free from nasties such as parabens, talc and mineral oil, and instead enriched with Vitamins A, C and E to protect from free radical damage. Apply over the face with a big powder brush, focusing on the forehead, nose and cheeks, then along the jawline and neck to blend in. Hello sun-kissed goddess!


Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation – $69.00

Get a gorgeous radiant glow and even your skin tone with this lightweight foundation. As a bonus, it moisturises and nourishes the skin with Vitamin A & E, plus botanical extracts for antioxidants, plus SPF 20. Apply with your fingers, starting at the centre of the face and blend outwards and down the neck. Add a little extra under the eyes and around the nose if you need to cover dark circles or redness.


Quoi Photo Touch Concealer – $49.00

This light-reflecting and line-filling wonder product camouflages dark circles, blemishes and fine lines as well as providing antioxidant benefits to gently protect and condition the skin. Squalane boots the skin’s ability to regenerate, nourish and hydrate itself and Vitamins A, C & E protect the skin. Made without talc, dye or parabens!


Quoi Mineral Blush – $25.00

This hypoallergenic silky blush floats over the skin to create a streak-free and healthy radiance with a luxurious long-wear finish, while Vitamins A, C and E protect from free radical damage. The Quoi Mineral Blush comes in five gorgeous colours, so you’ll find your perfect shade – whether you’re after a rosy flush or just a hint of nude colour.