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Hello spring and summer party season! Race Days, Christmas parties, festivals, end-of-year cocktails… so many outfits, but one same old makeup look? We get that you’ve found a couple key looks to flatter you, but just like your clothes, wearing that same tried and tested makeup for every event can get boring. Bring back some creative fun by trying one of these modern takes on classic glam, and get ready for the compliments.

Crazy Rich Makeup

This look oozes decadence with warm metallics and a bold lip – perfect with a little black dress and some statement jewellery. First, apply a flawless base with Liquid Powder Foundation, then add some radiant colour to the cheeks using Mineral Blush in Rose Marble. You’ll want immaculate brows for this look, so add some definition and brush them into place with the Precision Brow Pencil. Use Mineral Eyeshadow in Lucky Penny all over the eyelid, and under the lower lash line, then apply Gel Eyeliner in Sienna along the upper and lower lash lines. Finish with coats of Lash Boost Mascara and Liquid Lipstick in Red She Said.

InstaGlam Goddess

This look encompasses the girly glam styles you’ve probably seen all over Instagram, with the addition of a pop of colour on the lips. Create this look by using Liquid Luminosity mixed with Sheer Tint Foundation, with some cheek contouring and all over bronzing using the Rio De Janeiro Bronzer. Use a little more of the bronzer as an eyeshadow, topped with Mineral Eyeshadow in Peach Quartz for some extra warmth and shimmer. Fill in and shape the eyebrows with the Precision Brow Pencil, using the end to brush into shape. Line eyes with the Black Felt Tip Liner and coat eyelashes with Lash Boost Mascara. Apply Liquid Lipstick in Baby Doll and coat with the plumping Liptoxyl gloss. The finishing touch is a radiant glow, so gleam up with Powder Highlighter on the cheekbones and brow bones.

Modern Cat Eye

Take your classic winged eyeliner to the 2020’s with this graphic new eye look. Keep your base makeup minimal using Sheer Tint Foundation, and add a bit of Rio De Janeiro Bronzer as a blush and light all over eyeshadow. Create your graphic winged eye by applying the gel Luxe Cream Liner in Onyx over the entire lid with an eyeliner brush, extending to a wing shape. Finely and lightly line bottom lashes with Gel Eyeliner in Adorn, then add subtle colour to the lips and cheeks with Cream Lipstick in Nubile Nude and top with Plumping Gloss in Radiance  for some shine.

Alice in Wonderland Meets Audrey Hepburn

This is a very soft version of a classic makeup look, swapping out a usual red lip for pretty pastels. Get this look with a soft, powder finish using Liquid Powder Foundation and Mineral Matte Blush in Hush Pink. For the eyes, use a bit of Matte Shadow in Cashmere to darken the lid and crease, then use Quoi Felt Tip Eye Liner to line the top lashes and draw out to a slight winged point. Use the Precision Brow Pencil to shape and tidy the brows, then add a coat of Lash Boost Mascara. Finish with a coat of Cream Lipstick in Perfect Pink.

Sophisticated Diva

A perfect matte glam look that works beautifully with effortless wavy hair. Get this look with a flawless matte base using Liquid Powder Foundation, and add some contouring and colour with the Rio De Janeiro Bronzer. Use Brow Balm in a shade lighter than your brows, to fill in and shape without darkening them. For the eyes, use Mineral Eyeshadow in Gold Minx over the eyelid and up to the brow bone, then use Matte Eyeshadow in Charcoal on the lid and in the crease. The key to this look is smudged black eyeliner, start by lining Gel Eyeliner in Noir along the top lash line and then right along the lower lash line and in the waterline. Use a thin brush or eye sponge to smudge the liner outwards slightly, adding a touch more Charcoal eyeshadow for more drama if needed. Add two coats of Lash Boost Mascara. For the final touch, use the Ultra Matte Lipstick in Pillow Talk.