Ball season is upon us and it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with the latest makeup trends and channel your inner red carpet glam! We have created some inspiration for you with models of varying ages, complete with the products we used and how we used them.

This Smokey Glamour look with a mixture of glossy nude tones is a makeup often seen on the red carpet by celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, Amber Heard and Kate Beckinsale. It’s very versatile, as it can be matched with an effortless hairstyle as seen here or glam vintage waves.

I started by prepping the skin with Instant Skin Smoother and Retexure Primer. To eliminate red areas of the face, I used Colour Corrector Pen in Keylime. Blending this in, I followed with Medium BB Cream, and concealed areas with Light Peach Touch Concealer. I dusted Mineral Pressed Powder in Cream on the forehead and chin to set and add coverage.

On the eyes, I used Shadow Magnet Primer, then directly applied Rosy Tan Eyeshadow over the lid and into the crease. On the lid and under the eye, I applied Frappe Eyeshadow, before using a touch of Rio de Janeiro Bronzer on my brush to blend this out around the eye.

In the outer corners of the upper lid, I added a touch of Black Shadow to a create a darker area that would blend into the outer lashes and make a more almond eye shape. On the lash line, apply Sienna Liner and smudge this into the lash line then tightlined with Luxe Creme Liner, and used this as a fine liner on the top lid. Lastly, Lash Boost Mascara.

Rose Marble Blush is a big part of this look, and was highlighted with Powder Illuminator, alongside Rio de Janeiro Bronzer to highlight the cheekbones and contour around the temples and under the nose. To finish, the lips were made are glossy and soft in colour with Nectarine and Radiance Plumping Gloss.