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Don’t worry, we don’t mean with thick contouring, drawn-on brows and fake lashes to look like an Instagram star. We’re talking about getting back that youthful, radiant glow that may have diminished a bit over the years. Some of us are happy to embrace aging, but there’s no harm in using a few makeup tips and tricks to look your best at any age!

1. Use a primer

This step will moisturise your skin and act as a base for foundation, helping the skin to look plump and hydrated, and preventing foundation or powders from setting into wrinkles. The effect will be a smooth, soft-focus appearance.

Try the Quoi Smoothing Face Primer to fill in lines and wrinkles and create a light-diffusing effect – plus, as a bonus, it contains advanced peptides to smooth the skin over time.

2. A glowing and moisturising foundation is best

Because layers of matte or powder foundation can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, go for a lightweight dewy look with a sheer moisturising foundation or BB cream. This will create a beautiful finish to the skin, evening out dark spots and camouflaging them by reflecting light away, and creating a more youthful and fresh look.

The Quoi Mineral Sheer Tint comes in four Glowing Finish shades to give a sheer and radiant coverage, with a nourishing multi-mineral complex, botanical extracts and Vitamins A and E to condition and protect the skin. It’s also SPF20, protecting your skin from the number one cause of aging – the sun!

3. Go easy on concealer

Avoid a thick, caked on look by applying only small amounts of creamy concealer if you want to cover any blemishes, such as small veins around the nose, adult acne, pigmentation or darkness under the eyes. Avoid concealing the outer corners of your eyes, this area shouldn’t need concealing (maybe just some plumping eye cream!) as heavy product can set into crow’s feet lines.

The Quoi Liquid Concealer is perfect for blending and building, with coverage lasting up to 8 hours, while Vitamins C and E condition the skin and help protect against free radical aggressors.

4. Choose lighter lipstick shades

Darker shades can be unflattering on mature skin, as lips get thinner with age and bold colours can look severe. Instead, opt for a rosy red, pink, natural or nude coloured shade, and a lipstick that contains natural oils to nourish the lips and prevent dryness. Skip the peaches and oranges, as these can make teeth appear yellow.

The Quoi Cream Lipstick is perfect for nourishing lips using a blend of Argan, Meadowfoam, Camelina, Grape Seed, Murumuru and Macadamia Seed Oils, together with a creamy and intense-pigmented colour.

5. Use blush or bronzer for a cheek lift

Use an illuminating (rather than matte) blush or bronzer to give a radiant, lively glow and lift your face. Apply and buff in a warm pink blush to your cheekbones, and add bronzer just under the cheekbones. For some extra colour on dull complexions, add bronzer to the bridge of the nose, forehead and jawline too.

The Quoi Rio De Janeiro Bronzer is a silky, mineral-enriched bronzing powder without the orange tone or streaking, while the Quoi Mineral Blush gives a luminous, healthy radiance with a luxurious and long-wear finish.

6. Smudge your eyeliner

If you’ve been using harsh blacks or sharp liquid liner, try swapping these out for a brown, charcoal or olive shade in a velvety pencil form. Their creamy texture will make the eyes look bigger, and blending and smudging liner along the lash lines will create a more natural and soft-focus look. A warmer colour will be more flattering on the face than black.

The Quoi Gel Eyeliner comes in two gorgeous shades of dark brown, Sienna and Adorn, to take the edge of black and flatter the eyes. Smudge in around the lash line using the Smudge Liner Brush.

7. Fill in your brows

Thicker brows are a sign of youth, but don’t go too far to the point they look too dark and drawn on. Use a pencil a shade lighter than your natural brow colour to draw little hairs in a ticking motion and fill in sparse areas, then use a clear brow gel to brush, sculpt and set your natural brows.

Try the fine-tipped Quoi Precision Brow Pencil to draw in tiny hair strokes, then use the Brow Set Gel, which is a flake-resistant and long wear clear gel to brush and set your brows.

Images source: Pinterest