Party season is upon us, which means long days (and nights) ahead of after-work functions, Christmas parties, festivals, weddings and summer events. While you may start off with a gorgeous smokey eye or bold lips, by the time you’re onto your fifth canapé, and phones are out snapping photos, Instagram may tell a different story. Thankfully we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to help your makeup last through the hot days, cocktails and dancing!

1 – Polish and prep your face

If you have a big event, make sure you’ve exfoliated your skin and used a moisturiser that you’ve let set in for half an hour before you start your makeup (if you have time!), so it doesn’t all mix together. You’ll want a moisturiser that hydrates your skin to avoid dry, flaky patches of makeup, without being too oily that your foundation slides off. If you’re heading to an outdoor event in the daytime, make sure you use some mineral SPF sunscreen. However if you’re heading out at night, avoid SPF in your moisturiser as some can make your skin a little oily.

2 – Primer is your BFF

A primer will give you a smooth, hydrated complexion, all while helping to extend foundation wear. Try the Quoi Creme Face Primer, which also contains botanical extracts to sooth and nourish the skin. Your eyelids will need something a bit stronger to hold shadow pigment all night, so try Quoi Eyeshadow Primer, which has a thick cream texture, to ensure ultra-long wear for your eye makeup.

3 – Use a matte foundation

Dewy foundations are gorgeous, but if you’re creating a look for a long event such a race day, wedding or Christmas party with a hot day or night of dancing ahead, dewy can turn into sweaty really fast. Try the silky, mineral enriched Quoi Liquid Powder Foundation, which will glide on and set to a flawless powder finish.

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4 – Layer it up

Slowly building up your makeup in light layers is going to have much more staying powder (and look more natural) than packing on one heavy layer and getting a “cake-face” look. Use this rule for your foundation base, concealer, bronzer, blush and eyeshadow, and remember to blend and buff with your brushes.

5 – Bring a powder foundation, eyeliner and lip gloss in your handbag

We get that crossbody bags can be small these days, but these are your three key products to bring to keep you touched up. The Quoi Mineral Powder will double as foundation coverage and a mattifier, perfect for hot days (or hot, crowded bars). Don’t forget a mini powder brush to apply it! A lip gloss is easy to apply in a rush, without a mirror, and an eyeliner can be blended into shadow for a subtle eye makeup top up.

6 – Make your lips last

Talking, drinking, eating, repeat. Your lips will be busy this party season, so use a Quoi Gel Lip Liner not just to line your lips, but to fill in as a full colour too. If you’re not a fan of too much colour, the shade Naked is a gorgeous natural nude. If you like a matte look, the Quoi Liquid Lipstick probably won’t need a top up until dawn! Those who love a glossy look will love the Quoi Plumping Gloss, the hydrating ingredients including Argan and Marula oils will keep your lips soft and plump all day and night.