At Quoi we have made beautiful brows easy to achieve, no matter how unruly they are. We have five amazing brow products that can be used on their own or combined to create any brow shape to suit you. Have a look for below for our professional tips and tricks to take your brows to the next level.

STEP 1: Brow Set Gel

First off, you may need to set brows that can get a little unruly. Just use our Brow Set Gel. A clear, brush-on brow gel, it will let you quickly sculpt brows and will keep the hairs in place all day. To use, lightly brush the gel onto brow hairs using the built-in applicator, and sculpt them into the desired shape.


STEP 2: Precision Pencil and Brow Balm

To alter brow shape, the Precision Pencil and Brow Balm are your best friends. Use the Precision Pencil under the brow to create a precise shape and Brow Balm to create a perfect tip and fill any gaps. These products can be used to also fill and create fullness on the top of the brow creating a thick boy style brow.


STEP 3: Brow Tint

For extra dimension, our Brow Tint in Deep Brunette is a super easy fast way to add some colour and definition at the same time as setting the brow. Simply use the wand as you would a mascara and sweep product through the brow.
Pro Tip: Use a brow brush or disposable mascara wand to evenly distribute the tint through the brow.


STEP 4: Brow Highlighter

Use our Brow Highlighter to highlight your brow bone and lighten the area under the brow for extra definition. Blend with your fingertips or a brow brush to finish.